To Be In Delight Of Christ

The daylight shines on

yet the day is darkened

and has become broken

Living in a world of our


Saddest,hardest, ever roads we’ve ever travelled in history

To be of delight in Christ

Living in the light

But somehow still submerged in the shadows of the dark

One life standing out alone in the light

Yet surrounded by the dark of several lives being torn apart by, for and of evils

I only try to lean on you father God in gentle reach of your peace and love and grace

Yet my soul still submerges the truth behind it that several others are fighting even harder and more than me.

My darkest days are nothing in style and size to that which others currently face

Even living in the light you can not overcome the shadows of the darkness

There is only one way to truly overcome darkness

But even with that you still have to work for it

The only true way to come out of the dark and surround yourself with light is by the forever love of Christ

For one day through him we will ALL live in peace. Living in the light o lord is harder than living in the shadows

For in the shadows you can get away with things and live by sin it’s part of the lifestyle belonging to evil it’s a norm

But living in the light you have to walk from sin and come into the light of Christ turning from lifestyle of sin turning to christ restraining the acts of sin and evil when you are surrounded Every hour of each day with evil and sin pulling upon you to bring you down pulling you into turmoil pull us into the light lord we’re suffocating and suffering in the shadows of darkness engulfing is even in the light

Times are troubled and we’ve done right

Stronger faith is how you hold on being in the light

Stay strong in the word

Stay fervent in prayer

Speak the good news and be the voice

Do no is no better time than before

For when Jesus returns the darkness of shadows will ask you to denounce your faith and you may not get the change to be the voice to change a life

Surrounded by the darkness and shadows ok ok speak them down praise in prayer giving new life. Though fist you need to find yourself in Christ.

Author: J. Palmer

Living under the wings of God and the angels around me keeping me going and safe. Sharing the love of Christ.

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