The Prayer Of A Troubled Young Man

Psalm 102:11-28

For my days are numbered in countless hours, like shadows over the land. I am withering like dry dying strands of grass. Yet you, O lord, will forever be my king! You will rise above the heavens having passion over Zion. The time has come for the acceptance of Zion. Your servants adore her stones. They love even in the ruble and dust of that city! The nations will worship the Lord’s name. All the kings on earth will honor you.
The people will rebuild Zion, and people shall again see her glory.He will listen to the prayers of those who are poor.he will never turn them away or ignore them. Write these things for future generations, so that they will praise the Lord. The Lord will look down from his place in the heavens. He will look down at earth from his seat above. He will hear the prisoners prayers and pleads. He will save and free the lost. Then those who are in Zion will share the glory of the Lord and tell of who he is. Then people in Zion will tell about the Lord. They will praise his name in Jerusalem when nations gather together and kingdoms come to serve the Lord. My strength has failed me. My life cut short. So I said “Don’t let me die while I am still young. God you will live forever and ever! Long ago, you made the world. You made the sky with your own hands! The earth and sky will end but you will live forever! They will wear out like clothes, and like clothes, you will change them.
But you never change. You will live forever! We are your servants today. Our children will live here, and their descendants will come here to worship you.”

Author: J. Palmer

Living under the wings of God and the angels around me keeping me going and safe. Sharing the love of Christ.

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