The Lord My Light

2 Samuel 22:26-30

“26“ With the merciful You will show Yourself merciful; With a blameless man You will show Yourself blameless; 27With the pure You will show Yourself pure; And with the devious You will show Yourself shrewd. 28You will save the humble people; But Your eyes are on the haughty, that You may bring them down. 29“ For You are my lamp, O LORD; The LORD shall enlighten my darkness. 30For by You I can run against a troop; By my God I can leap over a wall.”

— NKJV Study Bible, Full-Color, eBook: The Complete Resource for Studying God’s Word by Thomas Nelson

With the faithful you will show faithful; to those in wholeness you will show wholeness. To the pure you will show yourself pure, but to the unlawful you show sharp-witted.

You will save the humble people but your eyes are on the arrogant that you will bring them down in humiliation. O Lord you, you are my lamp unto my path. O Lord, the Lord, shall enlighten any darkness.for by you I can run against and crush any army; by my God I can scale and leap over any wall.

Author: J. Palmer

Living under the wings of God and the angels around me keeping me going and safe. Sharing the love of Christ.

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