Purchase Of Freedom And Forgiveness

Colossians 1:14

New Living Translation

14 who purchased our freedom[a] and forgave our sins.

God sent his son Jesus to give us forgiveness by taking all our sins away by his crucifixion on the cross in death

What Does Colossians 1:14 Mean? ►

in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

Colossians 1:14(NASB)

Verse Thoughts

Paul’s prayers were filled with thanksgiving for his Christian brothers and sisters at Colossae, because of their faith in Christ, their love in spirit and truth for one another.. and their heavenly hope in their eternal inheritance – a heritage in Christ’s kingdom of light, which is kept for us.. in heaven.

Like us.. these believers had heard and understood the truth of the glorious gospel of Christ and Paul longed for them to be filled to overflowing with a knowledge of God’s will.. in all wisdom and understanding – so that they might walk worthy of their calling and bear much fruit to the glory of God.

Paul knew the horror of the domain of darkness from which we all have been redeemed and like these dear believers in Colossae, we too have been saved from the wrath to come and brought into the kingdom of God’s dear Son – in Whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

Like them we too have been redeemed from the slave-market of sin – we too have been forgiven of our sins by grace through faith in Christ’s sufficient sacrifice on Calvary’s cross.

God the Father’s love for mankind was so great that He sent His only begotten Son to be our substitute for sin and Christ loved the church so much that He identified with our humanity, became our kinsman-redeemer and gave up His life for love of us.

We have been bought with a price:- the precious blood of our Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord. He has not only redeemed us from a lost eternity but has also forgiven us of our trespasses, past, present and future.. and cancelled the incredible debt that our sin incurred.

Praise God that Christ’s saving work on the cross is finished, and that our sins have been removed from us.. as far as the east is from the wests. Praise God for Jesus Christ, our kinsman.Redeemer, in Whom we have redemption – the forgiveness of sins.

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Colossians 1:14

by Grant Richison | May 18, 1996 | Colossians | 3 comments

Read Introduction to Colossians

“in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.”

This verse expresses a couple of our thirty-three eternal positions before God. Our salvation consists of two things in this passage: “redemption” and “forgiveness.” Sin sold us out and therefore enslaved us. If we are to be redeemed, God must redeem us from sin. He does this by forgiveness through the blood of Christ.

“in whom we have redemption”

“Redemption” means rescue by ransom. This is the strongest word for redemption in the Bible. This particular word for redemption means to buy back as a slave from captivity. Figuratively, it means to release from sin by paying a ransom (Eph. 1:7,14; 4:30; Rom. 8:23; Heb 9:15; Lk. 21:28). God procures our liberty by full payment of a ransom. That ransom was the blood of Christ.

Because this term for redemption is intensive (redeem from), it carries the idea of the completeness of our redemption. No subsequent slavery can follow.

We use the word redeem in association with pawnbrokers. If we pawn our ring then later want it back, we must redeem it from the broker. To redeem the ring, we must pay a price with interest. In the case of our salvation, it was Jesus who paid the price (Mark 10:45; Acts 20:28; 1 Cor. 6:20; 1 Tim. 2:5,6; 2 Pet. 2:1).

“through His blood”

Ephesians 1:7 sets forth the same truth, although it adds “through His blood.” Some manuscripts add that phrase here as well. Redemption is not through moral teaching, ethics, or right living. It is through the sacrificial death of Christ. We are not redeemed by the Old Testament laws but by the shedding of the blood of Christ (Rev. 5:9).

“the forgiveness of sin”

“Forgiveness” means “remission” by Christ, who paid the price on the cross (Rom. 3:24-26). God has remitted or canceled the price to be paid because of our sin. The word “forgiveness” means release from captivity. God releases us from the bondage of the penalty of sin. We are pardoned; the death of Christ cancels our sin. God will not bring up our sin against us anymore. Our sin is dismissed and discharged. We are set free.


We were held in the grip of the penalty of sin, but Jesus released us from our sin by His shed blood.


Most people do not realize that God forgives sins once for all. For those who place their faith in the blood of Christ, their sins are gone forever. They stand forgiven eternally. All our sins, whether past, present, or future, are forever forgiven. The slate is wiped clean (Matt. 26:28; Acts 5:31; 10:43; 13:38,39; 1 Jn. 2:1,2).

Have you come to realize that Jesus Christ can separate you from your sins forever? His death paid personally for your sin (Heb. 1:3). If you accept that fact for yourself by faith, your sins are eternally forgiven in God’s eyes (Rom. 4:8). Will you do that now?

What does Colossians 1:14 mean?

This brief verse concludes Paul’s prayer for the Colossians Christians. Verse 13 explained that God has rescued believers in Christ from sin. This phrase used a Greek word meaning “delivered,” or even “translated.” God radically changes our status, completely removing the eternal penalty of sin from those who have faith in Christ. This verse concludes that thought, with a reminder of what Jesus has done: He has provided redemption. Redemption is a theme of both the Old and New Testament, from the redemption of the Passover Lamb to the redemption of Christ on the cross. Through His sacrifice, Jesus provided a means for us to be forgiven for our sin.

This forgiveness of sin is at the heart of the gospel message (Matthew 26:28; Mark 1:4; Luke 3:3; 24:47). The earliest gospel preaching emphasized Jesus offering forgiveness of sins (Acts 5:31; 10:43; 13:38; 26:18). Hebrews 9:22 reminds us that “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.” Christ’s shed blood offers forgiveness to all who believe in Him (John 3:16).

Context Summary

Colossians 1:9–14 is a prayer on behalf of the Colossian Christians. Paul prays for their continued spiritual growth, including knowledge of God, knowledge of His will, and wisdom. Paul also prays for their strength and endurance. In so praying, Paul reminds the believers of Colossae that salvation is entirely the work of God, who drastically changed their fate by rescuing them from sin.

Chapter Summary

In chapter 1, Paul introduces himself, along with his co-author Timothy. As he often does, Paul gives thanks for what he hears about the faith of the believers in Colossae. Paul includes a prayer for their growth and spiritual strength. The letter then transitions to praise of Jesus, describing Him as absolutely supreme. All created things were made through, by, and for Him. And, since it was His sacrifice which saved us from sin, we can have confidence in our eternal destiny.

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Living under the wings of God and the angels around me keeping me going and safe. Sharing the love of Christ.

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