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2 Thessalonians 1:3 (New Living Translation)

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Dear brothers and sisters, we can’t help but thank God for you, because your faith is flourishing and your love for one another is growing.

Dear brothers and sisters fellow believers, non believers we can’t help but thank God for you giving us you because your faith is flourishing and your love for one another is growing. Growth and knowledge comes forward


2 Thessalonians 1:3

We are bound to thank God
Since all blessings, temporal and spiritual, come from him: and that always: seeing he is ever giving out fresh favours, or continuing former ones; and because those, especially which are of a spiritual nature, always abide, such as faith and love; which the apostle particularly takes notice of, the members of this Church had, and were increasing in them: for it was not for himself, but for them he gives thanks,

for you, brethren:
who were so, not in a natural or civil relation, but in a spiritual one, being the children of God, and brethren of Christ; and to do this for them, he looked upon himself with others under an obligation:

as it is meet;
just, proper, and fitting; it not only becomes the persons who have received mercies from God to be thankful for them; but it is very right for others to join with them in it, and especially the ministers of the Gospel, who are bound, and whom it becomes: it is agreeable to their office and profession to give God the praise and glory of all the grace, and the increase of it, which those, who attend their labours, are favoured with, since this is not of them, but of God; and it was for an increase of grace the apostle here gives thanks, as he judged he was obliged to do, and it was fit he should.

Because that your faith groweth exceedingly.
Their faith was not a faith of miracles, nor a mere historical faith, or a counterfeit and temporary one, but the faith of God’s elect; which is the evidence of things not seen, of an unseen Christ, and the glories of another world; that grace by which a man goes out of himself to Christ for righteousness, life, and salvation; by which he is justified, and by which he lives on Christ, and walks on in him as he has received him. This was theirs; it was not of themselves, the produce of nature, or the fruit of their natural power and free will; but it was the gift of God, and of his operation; a fruit of the Spirit of God, and of which Christ was the author and finisher; and was only theirs, as being given unto them, implanted in them, and exercised by them under the influence of the Spirit of God, and for their use, comfort, and advantage. This was, at first, but like a grain of mustard seed, very small, but gradually increased, and grew exceedingly; and from seeing of Christ, and looking at him, and which at first might be very dim and obscure, it proceeded to going or coming to him; and which might be in a very feeble manner, and was not without being drawn and led, and great encouragements, many invitations, and large assurances; and from thence to a laying hold upon him, though it may be but in a trembling way, and not without being called to stretch forth the hand of faith, and be no more faithless, but believing; and from thence to a leaning and relying on him, trusting in him with all, and for all; and from thence to claiming an interest in him, saying, my Lord, and my God, which is the full assurance of faith; and when it is come to this, it is grown exceedingly, which might be the case of these Thessalonians; which the apostle knew by the aboundings of their love, for faith works by love; and by their patience, firmness, and resolution in suffering for Christ; all which are in proportion to faith, and the growth of it; and for this he gives thanks to God, for faith is a precious thing; and as that itself, so the increase of it is from God, and therefore to him the praise belongs:

and the charity of everyone of you towards each other aboundeth;
as their faith in Christ, so their love to one another was increasing, and showed itself in serving one another both in temporals and spirituals; and this was not the case of a few only, or of the greater part, but of everyone of them; which made their communion with one another very comfortable and delightful. For what is more pleasant than for brethren to dwell together in unity?

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therefore, we ourselves speak proudly of you among the churches of God for your perseverance and faith in the midst of all your persecutions and afflictions which you endure.

2 Thessalonians 1:4(NASB)

Verse Thoughts

The Lord Jesus told His disciples some important truths concerning the trials and difficulties that are inevitable in a fallen world, where men are lovers of themselves and sin has taken root in the heart of humanity.

Jesus explained that under this world system, which is subject to the rule of Satan, those that trust in Him would inevitably go through tribulation. However, in order that they might have the peace of God in their heart, He said encouragingly, “but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.”

The saints in Thessalonica were undergoing such severe persecution and pain, that they had started to fret that they had missed the gathering together of the church, at the Rapture. They feared that they had entered the great and terrible Day of the Lord – about which Paul had taught in his earlier letter.

This second epistle from Paul was quickly written to allay those fears, and to denounce a false teaching about the Day of the Lord, which had recently infiltrated the Church. Paul was writing to set out clearly, the chronological events that would lead up to the revealing of the ‘man-of-sin’, and to remind them of the necessity for the Christian Church to be removed into the presence of the Lord, before this ‘son-of-perdition’ is identified on the world scene.

But before Paul started to detail the process and procedure of end-time events in this epistle, he greeted the Thessalonian believers with some lovely, uplifting words of great encouragement, “therefore, we ourselves speak proudly of you among the churches of God.. for your perseverance and faith, in the midst of all your persecutions and afflictions, which you endure.”

Following his customary greeting of, “grace to you and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”, Paul started to express his deep gratitude for the growing faith and abounding love of these precious believers, towards one another – and also towards Paul himself, and his fellow-labourers in the Lord – (Silvanus and Timothy).

Paul was justifiably proud of the beautiful way that these believers conducted themselves. They showed patient endurance and faith in God’s promises, despite the unrelenting persecution and tribulation they were currently undergoing – particularly at the hand of their Roman oppressors. And so he wrote, “therefore, we ourselves speak proudly of you, among the churches of God, for your perseverance and faith.. in the midst of all your persecutions and afflictions, which you endure.”

Paul was able to use this group of Christians as an example of godly practice, in his conversation with other groups of believers. The endurance they displayed in the midst of reprehensible oppression and numerous trials, was a testimony to their patience, perseverance, and faith.

It was only right that Paul offered this well-earned encouragement and reassurance to these beleaguered saints… to persevere in the midst of terrible trials, by commending them for their Christian commitment when they were undergoing such pressures, persecution, temptation, and trials.

It is not surprising that this little set of saints had become confused about the Rapture of the Church, the unveiling of the man-of-sin, the time of Jacob’s trouble, and great Day of the Lord, when beset with such intense persecution on the one hand, and such gross false teaching on the other. They had been taught that Christians are not appointed to go through the wrath of God, and yet they were undergoing tremendous persecution.

Paul had already taught them that the Day of the Lord would come as a thief in the night and would overtake an unbelieving world with great tribulation. He had explained that these unbelievers would be plummeted into a time so terrible, that there had never been a day like it before. “But YOU are not appointed unto wrath” he had assured them, “for the trumpet will sound, the dead in Christ shall be resurrected from their graves.. and then we that are alive and remain will be caught up, together with them, into the clouds.. and ever be with the Lord.”

This teaching was to be a comfort to them – but these dear believers had become frantic, because a false theory was circulating that they had missed the Rapture, and had been thrown headlong into the Great Tribulation! Paul had to write this second epistle, to remind them that ALL Christians will have to go through some terrible times of tribulation and persecution in this world, but that they had not missed the Rapture and were not in the middle of the Great Tribulation.

Paul wanted to remind them that the Christian life is not an easy thing, but lovingly commended them for their perseverance in the midst of the deep distress they were going through – and so he wrote, “therefore, we ourselves speak proudly of you among the churches of God for your perseverance and faith in the midst of all your persecutions and afflictions, which you endure.”

In a world where we are increasingly beset by difficulties and dangers, trials and tribulation, persecution and pain, false teachings and unbiblical doctrines from so many quarters, let us set our face as a flint to trust in the Lord with all our heart. Let us familiarise ourselves with the truth of Scripture and demonstrate patient endurance

amidst the persecution and problems we have to face.

Let us seek discernment in a sea of apostate teachings and trust in the Lord with all our heart… and let us read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the inerrant Word of God – which alone is able to make us wise unto salvation. 

Source: https://dailyverse.knowing-jesus.com/2-thessalonians-1-4

Source: https://dailyverse.knowing-jesus.com/2-thessalonians-1-4

What does 2 Thessalonians 1:3 mean?

In this verse Paul, Silas, and Timothy assure the Thessalonians that it was right for them to give thanks to God for them. They give two reasons for such thankfulness. First, the Thessalonians’ faith was growing extremely well. The expression, “to grow abundantly,” contains the Greek word hyperauxanei, a word used to describe the rapid growth of babies and plants. The Thessalonians’ relationship with God was continuing to grow greater, and healthier.

Paul and his coworkers also thank God for the Thessalonians’ increasing brotherly love. The word used for “love” in this verse is agapē, describing a sacrificial love, not simply a sentimental fondness. The Thessalonians loved one another so much that they willingly gave whatever it took to benefit their fellow believers. In his second letter to the Corinthians, Paul commended the churches of Macedonia, which included the church at Thessalonica. He praised them for contributing generously to aid their brothers in Judea. He boasted: “For in a severe test of affliction, their abundance of joy and their extreme poverty have overflowed in a wealth of generosity on their part. For they gave according to their means, as I can testify, and beyond their means, of their own accord” (2 Corinthians 8:2–3).

Context Summary

Second Thessalonians 1:1–4, as is customary in Paul’s letters, begins with identification. He also names the two co-missionaries who are with him. His salutation of grace and peace are typical of the salutations in his other letters. In verses 3 and 4 he expresses thanks for his readers. Paul compliments them on their increasing faith, love, and steadfastness in the midst of their persecutions and afflictions.

Chapter Summary

The apostle Paul received word that some Thessalonian believers did not understand clearly what he had written about the day of the Lord. Paul had told them in his first letter that Christians were exempt from the judgment and tribulation of the day of the Lord. However, some of the Thessalonians thought the day of the Lord had already begun, because they were undergoing fierce persecution. Here, Paul seeks to relieve those misunderstandings. He also addresses the matter of idleness and tells the church how to deal with those who are idle. Paul commends the believers for perseverance and faith, encouraging them to live according to the teachings he had given them

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